"Autumn Parade" on the stage of "Mihai Eminescu” National College by Ramona Tătar (translated by Magda Botezat)

21/11/2014 22:19

"Autumn Parade" on the stage of "Mihai Eminescu” National College
by Ramona Tătar (translated by Magda Botezat)

The Festivity Hall of "Mihai Eminescu” National College was the host of a special activity based on childrens’ vitality and joy. Primary school students, coordinated by their teachers have tried to express their happiness and their positive atitude regarding the last bursts of autumn. Some students of “Iuliu Maniu” Greek-Catholic High School responded to the challenge.
The activity entitled „Rusty leaves” was coordinated by Mrs. Lavinia Corodeanu and Mrs. Mirela Bar and had several sections: drawings, collages, paintings, adorned pumpkins etc. It ended with a special carnival. The little students gave their best in creating different autumn collages and unique nature paintings and, finally, they invaded the scene with a fancy show. Whether they were witches who tried to defend the multicoloured autumn robe or autumn fairies or evil spirits that haunt nature waiting for winter, students charmed the public with their enthusiasm. All these happened with the attentive guidance of their teachers: Mrs. Viorica Porumb, Mrs. Maria Ciutan, Mrs. Silvana Bistriceanu, Mrs. Adriana Popa, Mrs. Maria Câmpan, Ms. Simona Sere, Mrs. Ioana Borza, Mrs. Monica Mateoc, Mrs. Anca Bogdan.
The show was held under the magical wand of the two expositors, both of them from Class XI, Vereş Gabriela and Bungău Andreea, who went down for a few moments at the innocent years of childhood. The jury made up of fellow students of Class XI B had a difficult task in choosing the most successful masks. The mask and the ingenuity of the presentation were the criteria for winners. The Autumn Fairy, Bungău Alexia, captured the hearts of all with an original outfit and a special introduction song. She was the winner of the first prize toghether with Rareş Tătar – The Autumn Wizzard and Miruna Pirte – The Playful Pumpkin.
The second part of the show meant awarding the other sections. Alex Şuta, Alexia Călăraşu and Tudor Duma impressed the jury with their adorned pumpkins, Gabor Bogdan impressed with his scale model, Oana Ceh, Iasmina Gyoker, Rareş Tătar with their collages. Iasmina Nuszer, Irina Mihuţiu, David Boşca were the best at painting and Daria Pantiş, Denisa Seuche and Emanuel Ionuţiu had the best drawings.
The reward for their effort came from the two sponsors: “Hobby Art" and “Branic Teodora Grocery Store” who provided the winners with gifts and awards.