A fairy tale day! by Ana Dolhan (translated by Magda Botezat), ORADEA-ROMANIA

23/12/2014 15:29

Activity held within Comenius Project "Learn to Read and Read to Learn" (December 18th, 2014) NATIONAL COLLEGE “MIHAI EMINESCU”


A fairy tale day!
by Ana Dolhan (translated by Magda Botezat)

These were the words that have completed the work carried out in cooperation with Kindergarten No.45 (Structure 43) in Oradea when X C class pupils from “Mihai Eminescu” National College coordinated by their teacher Ana Dolhan met the "dwarfs" of the large group whose soul and mind are under the guidance of their teacher Beatrice Săftoiu.
The students of our college revived by ingenious costumes and charming lectures offered to the little ones, the wonderful world of fairy tales, the magic world of childhood which characterizes each of us. Characters as Snow White (Banciu Patricia), Sleeping Beauty (Cotrau Ioana), Little Red Riding Hood (Ponte Andreea), Cinderella (Bistriceanu Alexandra) Bella- Beauty and the Beast (Negruţi Octavia) Jasmine - Alladin's Lamp (Ilisie Roberta) or Puss in Boots (Miheş Diana) came to life. The children chose their own hero or heroine of the story surrounding the character and then listened attentively to the tale. The children were very enthusiastic; they participated in the construction of stories, watched images illustrating fairy tale sequences, expressed emotion and excitement generated by the moment. The characters have entered the role with ease, the expressiveness of the high school girls revealed the talent and pleasure experienced by offering beautiful moments. The books and the magic words have demonstrated the powerful force of a world where all that heart and soul desires can become reality. At the same time, the power of reading messages was a communicational link between the teenagers and the little ones. It’s all about the universal language that unites generations and brings unspeakable joys beyond age.