02/10/2014 23:31

A wonderful spectacle in Mihai Eminescu National College, Oradea, ROUMANIE

On Friday, 6th June 2014, in "Mihai Eminescu" National College's festive hall, students from classes VI A and VI B created a wonderful spectacle, included in the activities of the Comenius international project "Learn to Read and Read to Learn".
While in December 2013 the children participated in a carnival of fictional characters, this year they decided to create a more interesting activity, to demonstrate through it that to read means to be creative, to play a role other than yourself and to change the bland routine of school days.
The first show was an original play, the result of a few students' hard work, coordinated by Romanian teacher Monica Dumitras. They wanted their interpretation to attract people towards lecture.
A different mean of self expression was demonstrated with words and soft guitar chords by the students coordinated by Stefan Tigani. The puppet theatre followed, presented by pupils of class VI B, coordinated by Mathematics teacher Adriana Luca, their artistic moment having as title "Lecture at the Forest School". Therefore, children from the two classes succeeded in sending an important message: reading is a type of existence, because this verb is not synonim to Romanian classes, but it means, in fact, to know how to understand the symbols around you and to give them a meaning.
After the end of the show, in a relaxed atmosphere, children, teachers and parents discussed about the benefits of such activities and expressed their want to encourage lecture through methods different than the traditional ones.