28/02/2014 18:51

5th and 11th grade students from "Mihai Eminescu" National College in Oradea were involved last Thursday, on 20th February 2014, in a special activity organized at "Gheorghe Sincai" County Library. They have participated happily on this event which had the purpose to explain the circuite of the books into the library. The librarians did their best in order to get the pupils familiarized with the sections of the library. After that, the students felt free to search for documents in the library catalogues and they were told about how to obtain a library pass.

The students were invited to read along with the librarians, the teachers and some of the parents implied in the activity. 

The teachers who organized and prepared the event in the county library were Magda Botezat- English teacher and the head teacher of the 5th graders and Alina Trif- Romanian Language and Literature teacher and the head teacher of the 11th graders