14/04/2014 07:42


Students from classes 9A, 9B and 10G from "Mihai Eminescu" National College from Oradea participated Wednesday, 9th of April 2014, on the festivity hall, in an interdisciplinary activity through which they had to accumulate new knowledge about contemporany history through lecture of some memoirs texts. The project, suggested by Romanian teacher Maria Hulber, was based on more communication languages means such as films, photography from archive, historical document, literature, scientific text on the proposed theme. The goal of this educative activity was to try out an interactive method of learning of some pages of communism's history in Romania and to understand the forms of repression and the mechanism of terror enforced by communism between1944-1989. Headmistress Livia Muntean and teacher Dorel Luca honoured us with their presence. 
In the first stage, the students watched the documentary "Amphitheaters and prisons: a psychologist in communist prisons", retaining the biographical elements of the science man Nicolae M─ârgineanu and the context of his detention in the politically prisons in that period. In the second stage, a long debate follow in which Mrs. Livia Muntean presented the stages of communism, how it was installed in Romania, the causes of the waves of repression against political, scientific and cultural elite from this country. The arguments had well put exemples from various documents, written and found by historians. Following, Mrs. Maria Hulber emphasized the role of the complex memoirs of the post-war prisons, thanks to the great information given to the new generation and their artistic value. The reading of a few pharagraphs from Nicolae Margineanu's memoirs, showed the tight connection between confession and history. 
Finally, the guest teachers answered the students' questions concerned by one of the most discussed issues in the mass-media by ideea which try to convince the children that it was 'better before'. The teachers' explanation emphasized that freedom of thought and expression it's one of the human rights, which can not be restricted, while in the discovery of information by reading their critical thinking is very important for their understanding.