"Biographies. The Romanian writers, as they (really) were" MIHAI EMINESCOU NATIONAL COLLEGE,ORADEA,RUMANIA

27/04/2015 18:42

"Biographies. The Romanian writers, as they (really) were"
by Maria Hulber (translated by Ioana Pantor)

The national curriculum for Romanian Language and Literature for the 10th grade, brings to the students’ attention a series of great writers who influenced the evolution of the epic discourse and the modernisation of literary forms. Right from the beginning of the school year, the students from class 10th B, coordinated by their teacher, Mrs. Maria Hulber, organised themselves in teams and worked at elaborating some monographies of great writers.
The monographic study of the writers’ life and work represent an essential component in understanding some complex creative personalities, their thematic universe, their creation rhythm and their literary assertion stages. Starting from this premise, the illustrative materials were gathered by the students, were systematically elaborated and organised, according to the natural course of studying each writer individually: Ion Creangă, Mihail Sadoveanu, Ioan Slavici, Liviu Rebreanu şi Camil Petrescu. The case studies and their presentments, started in October 2014, have just ended in March 2015. Their presentments were vivid, dynamic, involving the public in expressing opinions and debating.
The assessment of this activity opted for modern techniques, such as co-assessment (within each study group) and self-assessment (by noticing the newly-discovered elements and their own approach of each theme).