In the magical world of the fairy tales ‘Who will have taste of the rod’ folk tale" RUSE,BULGARIA

27/02/2015 21:16

27. 11 .2014г. – In the magical world of the fairy tales

‘Who will have taste of the rod’ folk tale

4th G grade, Teacher: Stefka Kolarova


       How can a tale become more interesting to children? How can it provoke students’ imagination and make them read actively and write creatively? How the fictional characters come to life and children get into the magical world of fairy tales? What morals can students elicit out of a tale while working in teams and play competitive games? When do 4th graders from readers turn into artists using words and colours?

With their activity on the Learn to Read and Read to Learn project the students from 4th G class gave answers to all these questions. The young readers were divided into 6 groups and in teams they got to know the content of the folk tale “Who will have Taste of the Rod”.

Each group got an excerpt of the tale and read independently.

·      Then all excerpts were read out aloud in a random order according to the number of the group. Everybody was listening and putting the events in order in their minds

After that random reading, they opened the envelopes containing the rest of the episodes and arranged them in the correct order.

When the groups did their tasks, they answered the questions on the content of the tale. They were allowed to use the text, they quoted and made their reflections on the content.

In the end students performed expressive reading of the whole tale in the correct order.

Illustrations of the tale were displayed on the board and students arranged them in the correct sequence.

Lead by their teacher they got to some morals and conclusions concerning the acts of the characters.

In the end of the lesson, Mrs Kolarova set the task to children to make a book of the tale designing it in their own way and desire. The book could be made either individually or in a team in one month.


           In January 2015 students presented the books which they had made with a lot of efforts and excitement. Except for being good readers, the fourth graders showed that they could also be real creators using words and colours. In February an exhibition was organized and arranged in the Comenius Corner’s glass-case. The books will be taken by Mrs Kolarova to the children in the school in Oradea, Romania, where the fifth project meeting will take place. 

Author:  Meglena Hristova,

    Project Manager

Translation: tb