27/04/2015 20:35

Literary and Musical Spectacle of the students from the after-school-care groups – 3rd A and 3rd B classes
Third graders from the after school care groups (3rd A and 3rd B classes) showed wonderful knowledge in English language at the celebration LEARNING ELNGLISH IS FUN. The event was rich in joy and good mood. The Students demonstrated enviable progress in learning the language which is spoken by more than a billion people all over the world. These young students showed their teachers and parents that they have already advanced into the Shakespearian language. Helped by their teachers and Mrs Lozana Uzunova, the language group’s mentor, they explained how they felt the funny and the serious sides of reading in English.
The children said rhymes and numbers and showed what fun foreign language learning could be. The guests were warmly surprised by the joyful children’s songs which the third graders have learnt during the school year. The children demonstrated their artistic skills and imagination at the dramatization of the tale “The three piglets” and entertained their guests with dances and favourite popular musical hits. The English speaking kids had been greatly inspired for the upcoming celebration and although they were overexcited at the event, they stated their readiness to keep on learning and reading in English the next school year, too.
The event at Vazrazhdane Secondary School was dedicated to the World Book and Copyright Day – 23rd April and it is one of the activities of the International Project LEARN TO READ AND READ TO LEARN, which the school has been working on for two years.
The Text was written by :Meglena Hristova