MIHAI EMINESCU NATIONAL COLLEGE :"Children reading to children"

21/03/2014 06:01

"Children reading to children"

In a real fairytale moment, with words written on the wallpapers for the children, Humanitas Library was Wednesday, 18th of March, 12 PM, host of the meeting regarding the beautiful tales of childhood.
Class II A students, step by step, from National College "Mihai Eminescu", were encouraged by their older schoolmates from class XB (coordinated by Romanian teacher Ramona Tatar) to enter into the magical world of literature. Accompanied by elementary school teachers Lavinia Corodeanu and Mirela Bar, the little ones participated in a literature contest featuring the childhood's tales. Everything was held under the watch of the highschool students of which outfits were inspired from the fascinating childhood literature. Whether they were Minnie Mouse, Cinderella or Pocahontas, they knew how to entertain the young ones through a captivating lecture and questions about the tales.
The participants were split in four teams, each one answering questions written by the highschool students. Surprising enough, the children not only knew perfectly well the tales, but also possesed the art of writing correctly and understandable. The children's answers impressed the judges by their accuracy and details. 
The children were enthusiastic to participate in such a fun activity about books, taking place in a library. Humanitas library was a welcoming host of an activity that encourages children, from youngest to oldest, to dedicate themselves to literature.