17/03/2014 21:20


"We are smarter with 100 days!"


On 28th of February, 2014, elementary school students from preparatory class, coordinated by elementary school teachers Silvana Bistriceanu and Adriana Popa, participated in "We are smarter with 100 days!" activity ("Suntem cu 100 de zile mai destepti!"), included in the international project Comenius “Learn to Read and Read to Learn”. The activity celebrates 100 days from the start of school, time where the little ones (around 5-6 years old) learnt the alphabet and learnt to read. Deputy director Livia Muntean honoured the participants with her presence. 
The methods used in teaching reading and writing were highlighted, the main method being the analytic-synthetic-phonic method, which responds specificity to the Romanian language, a phonetic language.
We prepared for 28th of February 2014 a huge "magic" top hat, from which were "extracted" 100 tasks for reading and writing, placed around a drawn sun which suggested the 100 happy days spent together. The tasks were split in 10 categories, following: 10 words that are always written in lowercase (writing), 10 children celebrated their birthday party in the passing days (written with capital letter!), 10 celebrations (reading), 10 inventions used by children in daily activity (writing), 10 objects they'd like to invent (writing), 10 feelings (reading), 10 mathematics tasks (the children have learnt to count to 31 and to recognise the numbers), 10 jobs they've learnt about (reading), 10 games and songs.
After that, the children presented separately their personal collections of 100 objects. 
All these activities took place in 4 hours, with frequent breaks.
The following 3 hours (the children study at school from 8 am to 3 pm) were sacrificed by celebrating, with pizza, cake, top hats, glasses and the number 100, created by the children.