NEWS from Ayten Şaban Diri :THE BOOKWORM ‘Janitor Satılmış YÜKSEL’

24/12/2013 23:04

 THE BOOKWORM ‘Janitor Satılmış YÜKSEL’

Diri Reading Club which was founded by the parents in Ankara Ayten Şaban Diri Secondary School. The members are;some school staffs (the headmistress Mrs. KAŞ,the counsellors Ufuk DUMLU and Nalan MALKOÇOĞLU,the primary school techers Ayşe DEMİRELLER and Zühal GÜNGÖR, the janitor Satılmış YÜKSEL) and the parents. The club members meet once a month and citicise the book they read. They prepare presentations about the book. .Soon, they are going to start campaign in Ankara as the activity of Comenius Project ‘Read to Learn and Learn to Read’. The fith grade students in our school is reading ‘KARA OKLAR ÇETESİ by Ahmet Şerif İZGÖREN’(The Gang of Black Arrows) with LÖSEV(Children with Leukemia Foundation ) Secondary School on January 2014.

One of the members, Satılmış YÜKSEL is the most interesting profile in the club.


He is 28 years old and married.He has got two sons. He graduated from high school.He told us how to start reading. He mentioned that : ‘When I was a child, I was bored while I was reading. But later, I have understood the events and identified the characters with me,then I have enjoyed reading. I began to read again while I was cleaning the school library.’

He added that:’I live in Keçiören(a suburb of Ankara). It’s far from Beysukent (where the school is located). It takes two hours to get work. I can read easily and also if there is a traffic jam, ıt’ s better. When I heard the club, I joined it. Now, I’m very choosy.I read classics from the world literature, Turkish writers,philosophy of literature. After I finish a book ,I start a new one immediately ’



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