NUOVA DIREZIONE DIDATTICA-Vasto :"The scarecrows parade"

29/05/2014 23:47

"The scarecrows parade"

A happy scarecrow invasion of small colored the may, 29 afternoon, the streets of the historic center of Vasto during the event organized by the NUOVA DIREZIONE DIDATTICA-Vasto and the patronage of the municipal administration. In recent weeks, the pupils of the school have made scarecrows from recycled materials. The creations have adorned the square Rossetti, while students of all schools paraded from the villa at Piazza Diomede clothes just like the scarecrow. Thanks to the collaboration between teachers and parents, gave free rein to creativity, with children who have offered a really beautiful sight in the historic center. To close the event was the deputy headmistress Nicoletta Del Re and the teacher Sergio Santoro that drive from the stage dancing and singing to the delight of the little scarecrow. At the end of the event, the deputy mayor Sputore and the mayor and the president of the council Forte, awarded certificates of participation to all schools and premiums for the realization of the scarecrow.