29/05/2014 22:18

Parents and children together... what a lovely picture! You can see them in the car park, at shopping... in trips or holidays, cooking in the kitchen or at picnic... These are the most precious moments in our lives and our treasures forever.
It is such a nice image to see mother and child together at school, reading to the children or reading with her child... This image has the strenght to make you fly through the author’s story and feel a character among the others.
Stefan and his mother, Mrs. Maria presented a dialogue to their colleagues in class 6 B. They were so involved, they communicated throughout the text by giving their own meanings to the friendship messages in „The Little Prince”.
Mrs. Simona, Marco’s mother presented the novel „Great Expectations” to the children and she read the most important paragraphs which describe children’s behaviours and feelings. 
Mrs. Daniela presented dear memories from her childhood; she read about Winnetou and Old Shatterhand and Indian’s lives around 1880.
Mrs Maria, Victor’s mother presented to the children books connected with communist penitentiaries and novels written during the detention period. 
It was the most beautiful and moving class hour I’ve ever spent! 
Adriana Luca - Form master