06/05/2014 17:22

25th April,2014 – 1st A and 1st B classes, and their class teachers respectively – Mrs V. Yordanova and Mrs M. Ivanova, had a lesson on Bulgarian’s love for work and diligence. The lesson was carried out according to the principles of critical thinking.
It was a challenge for both teachers and young students from 1st A and 1st B classes to have a lesson based on the principles of critical thinkingand perform activities such as reading and writing. This common lesson, part of the Comenius project LEARN TO READ AND READ TO LEARN was attended by parents, too and they themselves took an active part in the session.
Three Bulgarian folk tales, ( “Plums for waste”, “Take me there, Takw me here”, “The villager and his sons”) which imply moral values what diligence is, were introduced to students in a funny and interesting way. Activities, such as Listening for the gist, Reading for the gist, dramatization, expressive reading performed by a teacher and a parent, helped first graders to understand that kind of fictional texts.
Through comments on the first tale’s content and questions on the next two tales youngsters got the moral that work and diligence is a treasure for people. They personalized the idea and got to the conclusion that for their age and responsibilities studying and reading books are what is important for them to do daily.