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21/01/2015 19:38

Stories and Tales! (Translation-Version in English: Georgios KOTSONIS)

When once Einstein was asked by a mother about what she could do so that her son became smarter, he answered more or less like this:”Read him tales”

The mother who didn’t seem to be totally satisfied from the answer asked what else she could do other she had read him fairy. The answer she got then was: “Read him some more fairy tales!”


Stories and Tales for Christmas!

Every year on Christmas Eve the universal message of the birth of Jesus Christ for love, solidarity and hope, fills the hearts of all. On the 22th December 2014 the students of Korinos High School shared this message with the students of elementary and primary school of Korinos. Six groups of students, coordinated by the teachers Hel. Albanidou, L.Ganiatsa, V.Manola, Hel.Reha, S.Plastara,K.Xirou, narrated six Christmas Tales and stories ,sang Christmas songs and carols, ate candies, colored pictures, painted stars and enjoyed the pleasure of reading.

"Christmas is coming and we all count the days inversely to decorate the house, buy the gifts, and get ready for the holidays ... but someone, the little children, have greater impatience!We wanted to taste something of the freshness of their souls and smiling faces! We wanted to travel with them! The smaller the better, because the heart does not have time to get the bacteria of consumerism! Reality is not able to replace the tale!"

TITLE: «FRICANTELLA, the witch who hated Christmas carols» By Ευγένιου Τριβιζά (Eugenios TRIVIZAS)

Materials/Didactic approach: Dramatization, narration, song, writing  and educational  game

Coordinator: Ρέχα Ελένη (REHA Helen)

On Christmas days, the high school of Korinos opened each heart to the little pupils of Korinos kindergarten, organizing activities based on the pleasure of reading having books and fairy tales as the basic topics. During the days of celebration, a book can be the best friend. With its pictures and words, it fills the days of celebration with magic. Having this in mind, we decided to read to the pupils of the 2nd kindergarten of Korinos the wel-lknown and highly recommended fairy tale ‘Frikadela, the witch who hated Christmas carols’ by Eugenios Trivizas.

The witch Frikadela Zarzouela Salmonela Strifnini deeply hates whatever is good. She doesn’t dance nice dances, she prefers only evil ones. She hates good food and drink, she likes only nasty ones. But most of all, she hates Christmas carols. So, when on Christmas Eve she hears kids of the neighbourhood singing the carols, she becomes outraged, she steals their voices and imprisons them in balloons. The kids, having as their leader the very smart Sevastiano Mpismpikouki start to look for the balloons with their stolen voices and sing to her the carols from all regions of Greece. In the end, the witch changes and starts to like the carols and everything that is good.

Frikadela is a complete artistic work based on the most tender of children’s dreams. It’s a dream-like fairy tale, a true piece of art that nicely projects the concepts of goodmess, love and Christmas spirit.

In this dramatized narration, the ones who participated were students of the 3rd grade Konstantina Iordanopoulou, Maria Palama, Harikleia Aggelaki, Eleftheria Lagdari, Vaso Karakosta and Konstantinos Peitzikas, all guided and instructed by the teacher of modern Greek Eleni Recha. The leading role of Frikadela was played by Kalliopi Polychroniadou. The students did all they could to help the younger kids find out the treasures hidden in books. We gave away candies to the pre-kindergarten pupils and helped them to draw and make Christmas constructions based on the fairy tale. In the end, both the older and younger students sang the Christmas carols. The young pupils responded really positively were enthusiastic and embraced the older students’ effort. The older students were enthusiastic as well for having taken over such roles and getting in touch with younger pupils through such activities. It was an unprecedented and creative experience which made clear that except food, sleep and playing, books also make kids grow well and offer the keys to unlock the gates of imagination. Special thanks to the 2nd kindergarten and the teacher Ms Karasaridou for the nice co-operation.

TITLE: «The heartless giant» By  Oscar Wilde

Materials/Didactic approach: Dramatization, narration, PowerPoint presentation, drawing and constructions.

Coordinator: Sophia PLASTARA

One of the best fairy tales of Oscar Wilde, ‘The heartless giant’, was narrated in a dramatied form by the students Marios Kyrailidis, Afroditi Karali, Maria Zoukan, Vasiliki Chatzimihailidou and Eystathios Nazaridis. The plot of the fairy tale is imaginary and refers to a tough Giant who with the help of little kids who were playing in his garden starts to realize that only love can really make a man happy. Later on, our younger friends of the 1st grade of Primary School were encouraged to answer questions about the plot of the fairy tale and draw pictures as teams, creatively activating their imagination.

The younger students but the older ones as well, especially as the celebration of Christmas and New Year’s Day were coming close, enjoyed themselves with this specific event. As we are in the beginning of the New Year, this fairy tale may remind us that people’s lives, when it’s full of sadness and loneliness, are dominated by eternal winter, that is evil and cruelty. On the contrary, our life is like spring when it’s dominated by love, grace and understanding!

TITLE: «The Elves and the shoemaker» By Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

Materials/Didactic approach: Dramatization, narration, lecture, reading, writing and educational card game

Coordinator: Vaia MANOLA

A group of students of the 2nd grade who participate in the Reading Club wanted to share the spirit of Christmas with the pupils of the 1st grade of Korinos Primary School.

Each one of them took over an initiative, an action, and a role!

 Katerina Chatzopoulou became the narrator of the story of the forest Elves and the poor shoemaker. The role of the poor shoemaker was taken over by Tasos Paulidisand, that of his wife by Vaso Foustana. Altin Bardi took the role of the rich nobleman who bought the pretty shoes made by the forest fairies (Franseska Haka, Blerina Bardi and Daniela Kotreli.Vasilis Gioulbasanis impressed us all with his nice singing and the his great guitar tune.Finally, Ioanna Anthopoulou and Ariadni Theoharopoulou assisted the younger students in the writing, narration and the card game.

The shoemaker who lives with his wife in a poor home where he also keeps his business, talks with his wife about their fate , the winter cold, the lack of customers..Though they can see far out in the woods small lights shining bright, they cannot imagine that they are fairies of the forest that appear every year on Christmas Eve to help the poor and needy ones..The shoemaker, selling the brand new shoes that the elves secretly make at night, becomes able to buy material for his workshop but also what his wife needs in order to prepare candies to and goodies to express their gratitude to the fairies!

So, on Christmas Eve, the home and hearts of the poor people will become full again with joy and warmth thanks to the fairies that reminded everyone what love and offer mean.

TITLE: «Save the Earth» By Sophia Paraschou

Materials/Didactic approach: Dramatization, narration, PowerPoint presentation, drawing and constructions.

 Coordinator: Kyriaki XIROU

In the course of The Comenius program and of the action ‘Older kids read to younger kids’ , a group of students of the 3rd grade consisting of Eythmia Antoniadou, Georgios Dimitriou,

Eirini Kalaitzidou, Sonia Kosmidou and Panagiotis Paglidis presented to the students of the 2nd grade of the Korinos Primary School the fairy tale of Sophia Paraschou ‘Save the Earth!.

Through a theatrical performance style reading of the text, our students made the whole process pleasant for the primary school students making them absorb the plot of the Christmas story with ecological meanings.

Younger and older students felt the vibe of the season through a series of activities having the text as their primary source, with activities such as creating a Christmas card and painting, proving in that way that older children can’ guide’ and ‘teach’ their younger fellow students.

TITLE: «Talk to me about Christmas from another point of view!!! »  By Galatia Grigoriadou-Soureli

Materials/Didactic approach: Narration, constructions.

Coordinator: Lamprini GANIATSA

The students of the 1st grade of Korinos High School visited the 2nd grade of Primary School to read to younger students the fairy tale of Galatia Grigoriadou-Soureli ‘Talk to me about Christmas’ in a different way.

‘We selected that fairy tale because the writer wants to meet all those that experienced the Holy Night of Jesus Christ’s birth and ask them how they managed to meet Christ’.

The writer called Ms Inspiration to help her. Ms Inspiration suggested the writer interview them. So, the writer started with the moonbeam helping her.. and she found them! Each one of them, the star, the shepherds, the angels and the magi gave her some advice. The fairy tale ends like this….’what can we offer you Jeus Christ that you came to Earth as a human being for our sake…? Because each one of your own creations expresses in its own way its gratitude…the angels make hymns for you, the heavens offer the star (which guides the magi), the Magi offer their gifts, the shepherds show their admiration, the Earth offers the cave, the desert offers the tent, and we human beings offer you a Virgin Mother. You are the pre-destined God, give us your mercy ... .’

After the students read the fairy tale playing their roles , taking as a starting point the the hymn in the end of the fairy tale they went on and asked the younger students…if Christ was born these days, what gift would you like to offer Him…?

That is how the gift –card of Christ was made filled with gift-drawings from the children.

The High School students gave away gift-cards to the younger students and draw their own gifts: treasures, gold, toys, a place for Christ to live in, even a mobile phone!!

In the end, after a discussion, we all agreed that what Christ would really want would be all of us to love each other….


TITLE: «Talk to me about Christmas» by  Galatia Grigoriadou-Soureli

Materials/Didactic approach: Dramatization, narration, PowerPoint presentation, songs and constructions. Coordinator: Helen ALBANIDOU

"Christmas is coming and we all count the days inversely to decorate the house, buy the gifts, and get ready for the holidays ... but someone, the little children, have greater impatience!We wanted to taste something of the freshness of their souls and smiling faces! We wanted to travel with them! The smaller the better, because the heart does not have time to get the bacteria of consumerism! Reality is not able to replace the tale!"

The students of the 3rd grade visited the Kindergarten of Korinos and read to the younger students the book of Galateia Grigoriadou-Soureli ‘Talk to me about Christmas’. The teacher of Greek literature Eleni Albanidou prepared a version of the text and the student Antonis Seitaridis prepared the Power Point presentation. The whole C grade was activated because of the specific text.


The group selected the dramatized narration way. A writer in a dead end (Mihaela Filippidou) does not know which way to talk about Christmas as everyone knows this topic so well.So, she decides to call her friend , Ms Inspiration (Christina Prodromou) to help her. The solution they find is to get an interview from… the actual witnesses of the birth of Jesus Christ… with the help of a moonbeam (Panagiota Stergiou). So, they spoke with the star (Elizabeth Tzeveleki), the three magi (Dimitris Prodromidis, Giorgos Sainitze, Pashalis Tostsidis), the shepherds (Iasonas Spanidis, Aggelos Foufi, Sotiris Stathakis), the angel (Antonis Seitaridis), the Virgin Mary (Elizabeth Tzeveleki). They all had a message to give…Peace, Endurance to hardships, Help to our fellow humans, saying sorry and thank you, sharing Love and so much more….

In the end, older and younger students sang Christmas songs, offered each other candies, they all ate Elizabeth;s delicious cakes, they coloured  and painted stuff and recalled how it was l,ike when they themselves were in kindergarten…

Concerning the end of the story…we suggest you read the book!

We, teachers and students, enjoyed the general applause…

  • Photos :Marios Seitaridis
  • Videotaping : Nikos Savvidis
  • Technical support :Antonis Chotzali, Antonis Seitaridis