The 6 Thinking Hats - a Philosophy Class, "MIHAI EMINESCU"

29/05/2014 22:20

This activity was included in the Comenius Project "Learn to read and read to learn".
On May 15th, the students from class XII E, coordinated by their teacher, Ana Dolhan, debated on Plato's well-known allegorical story "The Cave Myth" from "The Republic".
There was used Edward de Bono's technique known as "The six thinking hats method". This technique is meant to lead to a more efficient communication and it emphasizes alternative thinking perspectives connected with the theme.
By wearing hats of different shapes and colours, the students managed to transform the class into a generating idea crucible.
The White Hat students offered a neutral and objective perspective on Plato's life and philosophy while the Red Hat students were focused on the feelings and emotions generated by the text. 
The Black Hat thinkers expressed their critical view, identifying the possible errors or weak points of Plato's philosophical perspectives.
Yellow Hat thinkers expressed their enthusiasm and trust in Plato's message presenting the advantages and the strong symbols of the text. 
Finally, the Green Hat used its main feature -creativity- to emphasize the actuality of the theme and the social-politic implications of Plato's vision.
The entire activity was completed by the serenity and rationality of Blue Hat thinkers. They were the Leaders of All Hats and they succeeded in using an efficient coordination of different points of view. The necessity of having a flexible thinking was accentuated