“THE FOREST PHARMACY” by Vazrazhdane Secondary Comprehensive School, RUSE,ROMANIA

05/05/2014 20:02

23rd April 2014 – students from 2nd V class, under the guidance of Mrs Aynur Chakurova performed “The forest pharmacy”, on stage a play by Lila Zaharieva ( a Bulgarian author)
Director – Mrs Chakurova
Second director – Mrs Uzunova
Decors and costumes – Mrs Arnaudova

Children from 2nd V class transformed into real actors presenting the characters of the Hedgehog, The Fox, The Rabbit, The deer, The Beauty-squirrel, The Owl, The Silly Wolf, Granny Bear, The Woodpecker and yet more forest characters who looked for help and cure in the pharmacy of Granny Tortoise who listened to all their complaints and to each pain she gave advice and mixed potions and herbs.
Young actors’ performance was welcomed and applauded by the audience – students from 2nd A class, parents, primary teachers, Mrs Tsoneva, the school librarian, and Mrs Hristova, Deputy Headmistress and manager of the school’s Comenius Project LEARN TO READ AND READ TO LEARN.