The magic land of fairy tales by Ramona-Manuela Tătar (translated by Magda Botezat)-MIHAI EMINESKU NATIONAL COLLEGE

13/01/2015 21:18

There was a great celebration when the dwarfs of The Kindergarten No.10 were guided by the magic of spoken words. The activity was held by National College “Mihai Eminescu” eleventh graders and their teacher Tatar Ramona.
The kindergarten classroom of the children coordinated by their teacher Nemes Elena was the host of this special activity. Here, the teenagers have read “Hansel and Gretel” to the little ones capturing their attention through role-playing. They were so enthusiastic and so talented in interpreting their roles, they were so well costumed in witches, step mother or the father of the two neglected children that the little ones have been absolutely thrilled to attend to such unforgettable moments.
That was a perfect moment for the teenagers to bring back their childhood even for a short time while, for the little ones, it has been a great opportunity to enter the fascinating world of stories.
The children coordinated by the teachers Duma Ileana and Petris Maria participated to this activity too. They were all happy and captivated by the show that their older colleagues have prepared especially for them.
The activity was followed by some educational games which seemed quite interesting to the little ones.