Vazrazhdane Secondary Comprehensive School, RUSE,BULGARIA

05/05/2014 20:10

29th April 2014 – 3rd G class, under the guidance of their class teacher, Mrs Stefka Kolarova – Recommend a book to your classmates
Except for the fiction literature which students study at school in their regular classes, there are so many books that are worth reading. This is what students from 3rd G class share. They are ones of the most reading students at our school 
There is a question which students had to face; How to recommend a book that we liked reading to others? How to present it so as to provoke their interest and make them read it?
This not that easy task was a challenge to the third graders from Mrs. Kolarova’s class. They were divided into 5 teams who chose their favourite book besides the compulsory literature and prepared attractive ways to present it – through dramatization of a piece, through a character’s costume, or illustration based on the reading material, or short review of part of the plot or various facts of the author’s biography.
It came out that most loved are the novels : “Yan Bibian”, by Elin Pelin ( Bulgarian author), “Anna Louise and Anton”, Erich Kästner, “Max and Moritz”, Wilhelm Busch, “The Brothers Lionheart”, Astrid Lindgren, “One Thousand and One nights”
In the first part of the session on the project’s LEARN TO READ AND READ TO LEARN activity the students from 3rd G class told stories, read expressively, acted out characters’ sang, danced and had fun in front of their parents, teachers and classmates.
Then the teams draw titles of other children book to read and comment during the next session in May. Then they will have not only to present a book in an attractive way but also to take part in a quiz and will take part in a competition to be awarded as the most reading team.
And Mrs Hristova, Deputy Headmistress and manager of the schoolschool’s project, will have to think on how to praise and award the most reading class in school.