"Word Images" by Maria Hulber (translated by Ioana Pantor)

20/03/2015 22:18

"Word Images"
by Maria Hulber (translated by Ioana Pantor)

In November 2014, throughout a period of four weeks, the students from class 7th B, coordinated by their teacher, Mrs. Maria Hulber, explored the poems for children written by the Romanian writer Tudor Arghezi, poems inspired by the universe of the little creatures. The aim of this activity was to prove the existence of a dialogue between different arts in approaching and interpreting a literary work. The students’ vivid imagination contributed to the decoding of the symbols and metaphors used by Tudor Arghezi, appealing to images, as well as words.
According to a modern reading didactics, the comprehension of the literary text means going through many necessary stages, from with basic reading to observing the different levels of a literary work and to highlighting its meanings. These stages have been covered thoroughly within the period of time proposed, so as for the activity to be easily monitored and assessed. The performance obtained was implemented in a very innovative way, which establishes once more the theory according to which drawing, painting and any other art work inspired by a literary text represent superior forms of interpretation. Thus, the students drew and painted small paintings inspired by poetic expressions and surprising word adjunctions, making the transfer from the virtual image of the literary work to the concrete image of the plastic art.
The activity ended with a small exhibition of these drawings, and the gallery tour allowed all the participants to assess them.