Activities at Vazrazdane Secondary Comprehensive School

13/03/2014 20:43

To Mum with gratitude and love
On 6th March 2014 A musical recital performed by Mrs Tzetza Dimitrova’s students from 1st V class took place at Vazrazhdane Secondary school
The aim: teachers and parents to work together so as to help children to adopt strong moral values and stimulate them to read more, because books are their best friends 
Second reading session – expressive reading. 
Lesson stages:
1. A song for Mum
2. Poems recital – poems for Mom recited by students
3. A flower for Mum – each child gives their mother a flower and shows their sincere love
4. Children have prepared certificates of love to give to their mothers so as to express their gratitude 
5. Dramatisation on the national folk tale “The Spoiled Young Girl”
6. Reading in roles of “Mimeto” – a short play by Asen Bosev, Bulgarian author
7. Children answered Mrs Dimitrova’s questions on good manners, labor and respect towards the elderly people. They themselves got to the moral that they shouldn’t be like that Spoiled Young Girl ( the character from the folk tale) and Spoiled Mimi ( the character from the play) but they have to work, study, respect the elderly and appreciate their parents.
8. At the end of the lesson the youngest students were awarded with certificates of good reading skills by Mr Stanislav Georgiev, Principal of Vazrzhdane Secondary School and were greeted for their acting skills by Mrs Meglena Hristova, Deputy-headmistress and project manager. For their nice performance the students also got the school’s almanach as present.