28/02/2014 18:39

On 27th February 2014 parents and children read tales together on the topic – Friendship in children’s world
Students from second B and V classes, attending the half-board school under the guidance of their teacher Mrs Svetlana Veleva had a thrilling reading session along with their parents.

Students were introduced into the magic world of the “Princess Emily” fairy tale which was read by their parents. They commented the content of the tale and came up with solutions to various problems and discussed how they would act in particular situations concerning friendship. 
They were shown a presentation “ A tale on colours and friendship” and realized that friendship is possible not only between people but also between colours. They read compositions of their own on the topic “My best friend” and shared their thoughts on which relationship could be called true friendship. Children were led into the way of thinking that for fulfilling communication they have to cooperate and help each other.
Parents were the leading readers today as the aim of the session was teachers and parents to help each other in their common work on accustoming children to read as it is the basic activity for further learning and forming complete personalities. At the end of the session those parents who took part in the reading activity were given certificates of participation.